Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"E" Is 3

I have to tell you all that this sweet innocent little a challange for me! She is SUPER photogentic and gorgeous! BUT she does NOT want to have her photos made...Her Mommy and I bribed her with enough candy for a year! LOL she got and Bag of M&M's, and candy bar and a whole thing of pixy stix...WOOZER! It was worth it cause look how adorable she is! I can wait to do her Easter photos but I have to restock my candy jar first!

Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm On it!

Ok so I have be AWFUL with my Blog! I have to be honest juggling being a Stay at home mommmy and running my own business has been more challaging than I anticipated! I love my job (both of them) I get to do ALL the things I love. I get to meet wonderful people and be with them for their greatest moments! And I get to be with the sweetest,cutest and most perfect little princess all day! WIN WIN WIN for me! I mean come on look at that face! BUT the lack of sleep oh my the lack of sleep is AWFUL and No matter how many time people warn you, you can not prepare your mind for the LACK OF SLEEP! So if I was going to stay awake as I keep her from torturing our poor dog and If I were going to stay awake on the nights she actually did sleep so I could edit the gorgeous photos of my great Clients I would have to let something go and I have to say it's been my Blog!

But I've missed it so I'm BACK!

So just to catch you up....My Princess is EmmaClaire Joy is 15 (almost 16) Months old (did I mention she is Fabulous)

She is walking and Talking up a storm! She has been talking (and talking ALOT!) for months. I can't imagine where she gets it from (*wink*)

I am in full Wedding booking mode! I just did the Bridal Expo at the Civic Center! And boy oh boy A LOT of you got engaged over the holidays! I am looking forward to all the Beautiful Brides I am getting to photograph this year!

SO Stay tuned I WILL be posting more on my BLOG I PROMISE!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

B & B

What a gorgeous couple on a yucky rainy day! HOWEVER thier wedding could not have been more perfect! They were so sweet and obviously in love! Brittany's Dress was to die for and fit her PERFECTLY! She is a natural beauty! Bryan you are so lucky! (wink)

Here is thier sneak peak....Have fun in Cancun!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ashley and Keith were so sweet! Their day was spectacular! And ended with a fairy tale horse and carriage . Who could ask for anything more! Congratulations to an awesome couple!

Jenna & Dusty! What a gorgeous couple! They really made my job easy! And the fire unique! I loved being a part of their special day!

Ok so I've been so BAD at updating my blog since my sweet baby girl takes up all my time as I can't help but stare at her all them time! But I am going to post some now! Sorry and enjoy!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


About Me

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I am blessed to not only be able to capture memories but also to meet some amazing people in the process. I started taking photographs as a hobby and it quickly became my passion. I love to turn your moments into memories. I am blessed to have a great husband that also loves what I do. I thank Jesus for giving me this opportunity and hope to glorify Him in all that I do.